• February 21, 2024
  • nitesh taliyan
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Exciting news for DevOps and infrastructure engineers! AWS has officially launched its Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Generator feature, enhancing the capabilities of Terraform for managing infrastructure at scale.

The IaC Generator automatically generates Terraform templates based on existing resources provisioned in your AWS account. No longer limited to manually creating templates to match resources, this feature operates on reverse engineering principles, similar to GCP Terraformer or import functionality.

How does it work? The IaC Generator scans your AWS account and utilises the CloudFormation resource type schema to identify relationships between resources. It then creates an up-to-date inventory of resources and their dependencies. This holistic approach enables you to seamlessly manage entire applications, bringing them into managed CloudFormation stacks without the need to recreate any resources.

But what about security standards? At Signiance Technologies, we prioritise security in all our operations. Leveraging the IaC Generator, we adhere to best practices such as role-based access control, encryption, continuous monitoring, and compliance enforcement. These measures ensure that our infrastructure deployments remain secure and compliant with industry standards.

In a practical scenario, imagine inheriting a network architecture without any IaC documentation. With the IaC Generator, you can efficiently manage resources like Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) configurations, subnets, route tables, and internet gateways. The generator streamlines the process of identifying related resources, eliminating the need for manual scanning and documentation.


The AWS IaC Generator empowers DevOps teams to streamline infrastructure management, enhance security, and accelerate cloud adoption. By integrating this feature into our workflow at Signiance Technologies, we ensure the safety, reliability, and scalability of our infrastructure deployments.