Engaging in a Well-Architected Review (WAR) involves collaboration with authorized AWS partners who utilize AWS’s dedicated tool. The primary goal is to ensure that the infrastructure and systems built on AWS adhere to well-architected principles. In case of any issues, consulting partners like us provide recommendations based on the five pillars: security, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and cost optimization. This method offers a comprehensive way to consistently evaluate your architecture against industry best practices, pinpointing areas for enhancement.

About the Client

Our client, a one-touch healthcare solutions provider, enlisted Signiance to conduct a comprehensive Well-Architected review of their IT environment. Their website aims to empower users with health records storage, fitness tracking, and access to medical resources.

Challenges Faced

The client lacked a well-architected competency, with architecture loopholes in security, high availability, scalability, reliability, operational excellence, and performance. Seeking AWS best practices, they turned to Signiance for solutions.

Solutions provided by us

Signiance’s Well-Architected team reviewed the customer’s AWS account, focusing on key pillars. Our analysis revealed security gaps like misconfigured security groups and suggested solutions including Multi-Factor Authentication for IAM users, aligning with compliance standards.

For reliability, we proposed solutions like load balancers, backup schedules, and disaster recovery setups. Operational excellence suggestions included automated patching solutions and efficient backup procedures. We recommended performance improvements like comprehensive monitoring solutions and optimized instance sizes.

Results of a Well-Architected Review

Following the Well-Architected review, we pinpointed issues and offered recommendations aligning with best practices. Implementing these suggestions transformed their architecture, ensuring it is now Well-Architected and supporting seamless business operations.